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As we’ve just begun to build our platform and community of users, it’ll be an exciting time to have you onboard while we grow our features and online database of DIY remodelling ideas.

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Whether you’re an inspired homeowner or someone who considers themselves quite handy around the home, there’s no telling what sort of inspiration you’ll be able to find through our online database.

Add a little precision to your next DIY project, by using RenoMate to plan out your tool and material requirements, as well as any cost estimation for your projects.

When you’re ready to go, be sure to check out what other users have submitted on our app. Your contribution helps our community to ensure that we’re always able to provide a high quality of DIY remodelling ideas for others to follow!

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Have a cool following on Instagram or YouTube? Want to grow that further so more users can be inspired through your ideas? 

Then it’s an ideal time to consider signing up as an influencer with RenoMate. Our app thrives on community-submitted content such as yours, and we’re always glad to promote and feature the work of DIY influencers to help grow the community.

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